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All the work shown here has been produced by me, personally. All of it can be considered ‘original’ but where I have used (copied) another artist’s work, I have noted it in the description.
My prints are in editions of 10 and once those ten have gone, I’ll take the item off the site. The dry-points will be limited to editions of five.
But none of the prints are in proper editions, as there is a fair bit of variation/tinkering with colour, how/whether ink is mixed/wiped on the plate, and even the type of paper, as I go along. So the print you buy might not look exactly the same as the one illustrated here. Email me for a jpeg of your chosen print, if you’re not sure.
I have noted the type of print, the picture size (in millimetres), the number of blocks used and any useful information. What I have NOT specified is how many I have actually printed and got ‘in stock’ (usually only 2 or 3)
Paper is always artists’ acidproof, but nothing very special. Prints are all signed and so-on, sometimes on the back; The dry-points are signed just below the image.
Postage within the UK is included in the price.