Allotment Calendar

My main project for 2022 was making a series of prints about vegetable growing and allotments, month by month. They are all quite small, 115 x110mm, and use the same method, being a combination of water-colour on woodblocks (like mokuhanga) with a dry-point scribbly drawing, printed onto thin Japanese paper.
I have probably finished the series (‘tho there are still a few sketch book orphans) but I haven’t decided what to do with them; There is no ‘edition’ and a deal of variation in the surviving prints.

December a.

January a.

January b

February .

March a

March b.

March c.

April a

April b

April c

April d

April e

May a

May b

May c

May d

May e

July a

July b

July c

August a

August b

August c

October A

October B

December A

December B

December C

December D