About Me
My wife Paula and I moved to York over 5 years ago. I had long retired from teaching Theatre Design at Nottingham and finished doing my own designing and making; my free-lance work had been a mixture of making props and puppets and designing baroque operas, many for the English touring company Opera Restor’d.

But as we downsized, it meant re-thinking my ‘creative’ work. I wanted to do more painting and drawing as well as pursuing a recent enthusiasm, printmaking. I enjoy the business of trying to depict, whether it be something from an imagined past or what is actually in front of me but as my studio space is limited to a back bedroom, my work is small and low-tech.
My printmaking journey has been (and continues to be) encouraged by York Printmakers, who’s work and activities can be seen at www.yorkprintmakers.org.uk The isolation of lockdown was relieved by the Society’s monthly challenges and Zoom meetings but I have also been subscribing to several Zoom courses run by Zea Mays Printmaking of Florence, Massachusetts. www.zeamaysprintmaking.com
And I’m still looking for the next ‘little books’ (which are not for sale), some of which can be seen here, as Flip-Books.
However, nearly all the work shown here is for sale and anyone interested in any of it can email me, or better still, just press the PayPal button.

Ruggiero rescuing Angelica from the Great Orc
Ruggiero rescuing Angelica from the Great Orc